About MitogenDx

Mitogen Diagnostics Corporation’s (MitogenDx) sole purpose is to make a positive impact on health and wellness through expertise in leading-edge diagnostic technologies. We embrace precision health initiatives and are committed to providing patient-centered diagnostic information. Established in 1984, MitogenDx provides an ever-increasing spectrum of over 500 diagnostic targets specializing in autoimmune diagnostic tests and immune biomarkers.

Our goal is to HELP:

  • GENERATE HIGH QUALITY DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION to enable healthcare providers to respond with timely, efficient and effective treatment plans for their patients.
MitogenDx laboratory work. With a test menu that detects over 500 different autoantibodies & biomarkers, Mitogen supports clinicians and the diagnostic process.


MitogenDx specializes in the identification of novel autoantibodies and other proteomic biomarkers for autoimmune diseases. In turn, MitogenDx develops new diagnostic tests for the detection of autoantibodies and autoantigens in biological fluids. A large part of MitogenDx’s R&D successes are due to the company’s specialization in antigen purification and production. The characterization of intracellular antigens that react with sera of patients with systemic rheumatic and other autoimmune disease has led to the development of many novel esoteric diagnostic tests.

Through MitogenDx’s diagnostic services the role of environmental xenobiotics in the induction and perpetuation of autoimmunity is brought into great consideration.

about MitogenDx