Sending Samples

Sample Collection and Shipping Instructions

Sample Preparation

  • CSF (3 mL recommended): Send in sterile tube.
  • Serum (0.5 – 1.0 mL): Draw blood and collect in a Gold or Red BD Vacutainer® tube for serum collection. Allow blood to clot at room temperature (may require 30 min or more). After clotting, centrifuge at 1000 x g for 10 min at 4°C. Aliquot serum immediately while avoiding red blood cells / blood clot. Note: ACD plasma can be tested although serum is preferred.
  • Plasma (for Cytokine and Immune Biomarkers – minimum 1 mL): Draw blood and collect in a Lavender / Purple BD Vacutainer® tube for plasma (EDTA) collection. Gently invert the tube to mix, then centrifuge at 1000 x g for 10 min at 4°C. Aliquot plasma immediately while avoiding red blood cells.
  • Please make sure all tube caps or closures are tight and will not leak; we highly recommend that non-screw cap closures be secured with Parafilm to prevent leaks.


  • We recommend all international shipments to be sent on or before Wednesday and intra-Canada shipments to be sent on or before Thursday.
  • If your samples are scheduled to arrive on Friday, please ensure they arrive before 3PM.
  • Please do not send samples on a Friday or Saturday, and avoid shipping on a date that would have the package arrive at MitogenDx on a Canadian holiday.
  • Tracking numbers should be retained for delivery confirmation.
  • If problems arise or your package is not delivered promptly please email
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Additional Information

Results typically follow 5-10 business days after receipt of sample (dependent on the test(s) requested). Specific test turnaround times are listed on the corresponding webpages of any given test.

*PLEASE NOTE that the turnaround time begins when the sample is registered in the system and NOT when it arrives at the lab.

All paper results will be faxed to referral labs.

If you have not received a report after the indicated turnaround time, other reflex tests may have been indicated. Please contact us by email at